Thursday, June 18, 2015

May 2015 Birchbox Review

Birchbox is a $10/month subscription box full of 4-5 sample sizes of beauty products. You can review each item you receive in your monthly box and receive 10 points. 100 points nets you $10 to spend in the Birchbox Shop (in increments of $10) and you get 1 point for every dollar you spend as well.

Use code BBJETBLUE10 to get $10 to use in the BB store.

I've had my May 2015 box for a long time now but I'm lazy. On to my box:

NAOBAY Oxygenating Cream Moisturizer

I did try this out, but I cannot remember anything about it so it must not have been amazing or terrible. I am on the lookout for the holy grail in moisturizers, but I don't think this will be it.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream

I wanted to like this, but I didn't see any difference between it and regular sunscreen- it didn't conceal any of my issues and felt a bit weird going on. Perhaps it was user error or I'm just used to Smashbox's CC cream covering my blemishes.

No. 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect

This is a decent detangler, but the scent is awful. It smells like a hair salon that offers perms. However, I'd probably love this if I hadn't received a sample of Beauty Protector's similar product, which smells amazing, previously.

Harvey Prince Sincerely perfume

A big no to this one. First, I got a headache immediately after spraying once on my wrist. It lasted all day, but didn't turn into a migraine fortunately. I'm not a fan of the scent either. It smells a lot like my mom did when she used to drive me to school, which isn't a bad thing but not the scent I'm looking for, even if it didn't trigger headaches.

Coastal Scent Reveal3d Palette Sampler in Desert Bloom

This was cute, and the pigment is nice, but I already have probably 500 palettes and individual shadows in these colors.

Overall, while my reviews might not sound like it, I enjoyed this box. Aside from the perfume, I will likely use up every sample eventually, even if not for the intended purpose.

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