Sunday, November 18, 2012

Little Black Bag Review

I found this website called Little Black Bag (LBB). It's basically a TJMaxx on the internet. You select one item that you want, and they throw in a few others for you to trade. You can trade everything, and some people are really good at it (not me). They have two "bags" you can choose from, a $29.95 version or a $49.95 version. Each have $5.95 in shipping costs. I believe you'll get no less than $100 with the $49.95 and no less than $50 for the $29.95 version. It's a pretty cool service. If you want to join, my referral link is here. The cool thing about referrals is for every one you receive, you'll get a credit for a $25 item. Now, on to the items I received. These are items I received through three LBBs.
Deux Lux Heart Pouch.
This thing is huge, and I have no idea what I'll use it for. I don't remember what I traded for this.
Wildfox Stag earrings. These came broken, and I was devastated. LBB gave me an exchange credit and said I could keep them. I'm going to figure out how I can fix them because I really wanted them and can't find 'em anywhere else. These were in my first November bag, and I traded everything but my purse for them.
'ZAD crystal hoops. These are pretty awesome and hippie-ish. I don't remember what I traded for these.
a.v. max feather earrings. I think I got these as one of the mystery items, and held on to them.
Sugarfina gummy piglets. I also got Sugarfina Heavenly Sours but ate them. These piglets are kind of tough. Each box was 3 oz, so pretty tiny. Overall, I wouldn't buy Sugarfina candies again. I can get better quality gummy worms from Sprouts for I think $3 per pound. Somebody traded me both candies, for something I wasn't attached to.
These two items are from my very first LBB. The one on the left is the Ettika Buddha necklace. This is pretty cheaply made, and I have yet to wear it. The right item is the Disney Couture Believe hoops. I'm gifting these to my sister as they're far too heavy for my taste.
Lemon Knee-hi socks. I like socks. I also got two purses with these, an Olivia + Joy hobo and a Steve Madden leopard tote, which is huge. I might post them later.

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